Weekend Results

Another weekend of mountain bike racing and the girls are smashing it.

1st place for Claire Breslin at the first round of the Irish XC National Points series in Cong county Mayo, and another 1st place for another athlete at the Southern XC series. The ladies are doing me proud.

More results as they come in, but the summer looks like a good one.

Racing Update

Belated race results for Claire Breslin who took 3rd at the Galway Biking Blitz and managed a 2nd overall in the series. Her first year training properly and its starting to show results.

Sean Downey also pulled off an excellent podium position getting 3rd in the elite/experts field at the Black Park XC promoted by WDMBC. It’s all starting well early for Sean who’s eyes are firmly set on the coming CX season.

Keep training hard, thinking smart, and the results will come.

Back to Normal

The death of a family member leaves time to think and a space to be filled.

Filling it with work is useful, filling it with training is better.

We’re back to business now, sorry for any delay in replies over the past few weeks.

Our mentor may have passed, but the legacy lives on.

Weekend Review

The spring racing season has started.

A win for Claire Breslin at the Biking Blitz in Limerick.

Placings in the top 25, 50 and 100 at Hit the North for 5 riders.

Racing is good to remind the body for what is coming.

Summer and the speed season.

Winter and the cyclocross season.

Hit the North is coming.

Like the inevitable encroaching winter Hit the North is upon us.

This year 5 Stoic athletes are racing. Others are watching. The coaches are partaking.

Good luck to everyone. Hopefully it will snow again.

On the other side of the water the second round of the Biking Blitz is kicking off.

After a mechanical caused her to drop out of third place in the last round Stoic Athlete Claire Breslin will hopefully replace her unlucky ride with a well placed podium spot.

Time will tell.

Final Slots

Some of our cyclocross athletes are taking a break for the next few months.

They are returning into hibernation until August.

This has opened a few slots.

Contact for pricing and details if you are interested.

greg@stoicfocus.com / @Stoic_Focus

Cyclocross Nationals Weekend

Many athletes racing makes a coach tired.

Lots of thinking about training plans, whether we nailed it, if they are ready.

Always, the relief of a phone call or message post race saying it went well.

Always, the disappointing result which does not reflect the work put in.

Nationals are hard. They test us fully.

This weekend saw a range of riders across two National Cyclocross Championships reaching the peak of their season. Well done to one and all for some results that reflect the work you put in. Unlucky for those that did not get what they expected or deserved, it will come in time.

A special mention goes to the new Irish National Junior Cyclocross Champion David Montgomery who showed us what we knew he had. An excellent victory after a year of frustration.

Another two top ten placings in the Irish Senior Mens Championships with David O’Neil (Swords CC) in 7th place and Sean Downey (Cycleways CC) in 9th place. First time UCI points for both, scalps taken that mean more than the result.

Now we rest and reflect. Time to think about next season has not yet come.

Cyclocross Nationals 2013

Good luck to all our long term coached athletes competing at their National Cyclocross Championships this weekend.

Remember; Don’t think about the pain, use it to race harder, ignore your brain and push like it is the last race of your season.

It is.

Pic: Jo Haggleband

Alan Dorrington

Sean Downey

Dave O’Neil