Suggested Material

What follows is a non exhaustive list of books, articles, videos and podcasts that I have found informative, inspiring and useful.

Choose to broaden both fitness and mind by consuming information, not products.

Not all are about training. Some are not even about sport. All are interesting to me.

I’ll update as I go.


Kiss or Kill. Confessions of a serial climber. Mark Twight

The Lore of Running. Prof. Tim Noakes.

Endurance Within. Rob Lee.

Extreme Alpinisim. Mark Twight.

Web Articles

Mark Twight: Twitching  and Glitter and Despair.

Dan Harm: You are weak, I am a Machine and Winter Arsenal.


Gimp Monkeys



All.I.Can; HighlightsStreet Ski


Marathon Talk, Dr. Tim Noakes episodes one and two.

Talk Ultra, Gordy Ainsleigh.

Competitor Radio, Professor Asker Jeukendrup.


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