Greg May

It would not do to not include myself.

I am the lab rat, the tester, the frailer half of coaching, the athlete.

Racing History:

I started out as a swimmer for 10 years before leaving the fishtank to explore the world. Like Nemo, but more burnt out. I discovered the mountains through Scouting and running. I took to climbing things with hands, axes and crampons.


A few years experimenting with kayaking left me with a dislocated shoulder and a large belly.

Billy the Fish

I took up triathlon and track racing before I realised that my true love was still the mountains. I took a MTB, rode it up hills, rode down them badly. I discovered cyclocross in 2004 and have raced it ever since. Recently, I race bikes for silly durations around fields for multiple laps. I love it.


Racing Highlights:

For me the 24 Hours of Exposure still stands out like a bonfire. My first 24 hour MTB race, 9th place, far more than I expected at a European championship. Prior to this a 9th place in the Irish Senior Cyclocross Nationals and a smattering of UCI points was a highpoint as well as multiple race wins at local track meets.

24 Hours of Exposure

My greatest experience to this day has been the Trans Wales in 2008. Horrible weather, murderous terrain, a body under worked in the final years of my undergraduate. That race made me who I am.

2013 Targets:

This year sees me focusing on going long. Ironman gave me a taste for it, 24 hour racing has satiated it, doing the Highland Trail 400 may feed it. Add in a few 24 hour races, some bouldering and ice climbing. That is my year.

Greg May

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