Nick Keegan

Nick is another similar soul. Mountains by foot or wheel, always out exploring.

This season a mixture of adventure and Enduro is ahead.

Racing History:
Always on the bike. I’m sure I came out of the womb with wheels on. Through Scouting I had some mentors who were ‘discovering’ mountain biking back in the 80’s, and in one fell swoop I was hooked on MTB. Mountains. And. Biking. The greatest equation known to me. Even Einstein valued the two wheeled wonder. At the same time I also began my stewardship with the outdoors and mountaineering. A few years later and into the working world, met a life-champion of a friend who sneakily introduced me to the Road. Kaboom. The training, racing, endurance & brotherhood of pain and grit was like oil in my veins. I raced a solid Cat II at National level, multiple stage races and crits – and took it all in my pedal stroke. But 4 days training and 2 days racing a week, 10 or 11 months a year – eventually quenched the thirst of the road.

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Chance meeting of another friend and mountain biking was re-introduced. The flame has never burned brighter. Living and working away from home for some years, it wasn’t long before I magnetized with like minded riders. The Search was constant. I’ve ridden all over Europe, Scandinavia and the US. Big mountain days and long, long ‘endurance’ rides were the main course on my menu. I guess because there’s now categories for it, I’ve been riding ‘All Mountain’,  ‘Enduro’ and XCO since the nineties. With friends, we began the Kingdom Bike Project, and the Search continued. But in my last year away, work took to the forefront and riding and creativity the back seat. Although the passion has always been there…

2013 Targets:
Returning home to Ireland, and a chance meeting of Greg and some other new riding folk and the flame has been lit again. In 2012 I had one goal – to ride. As much as possible and to become the best rider I could. I dabbled in Cyclocross and rode one race. And I’m hooked. So 2013 will be tailored like this: Ride as many of the Gravity Enduro Series (as possible). Da Coolie Thriller. NPS Series. And the Super Enduro in Finale Ligure 2013. In addition to this, I’ll be pushing my physical and mental endurance – whilst improving skills. The GR20 in Corsica is also on the cards. And of course, Bivvi Biking. Towards the end of the year, I want to ramp up my Cross skills and race the 2013 league. So a busy year ahead.


“When I returned home to Ireland, I met Greg. Truthfully I wasn’t in great shape. Although I could grit through any ride, it was the mental challenge that was toughest. But Greg was always on hand to help me, and with real world solutions. Ever willing to share his astute knowledge – what Greg prescribes, he voices from relevant experience. I had the great fortune to train and ride with Greg – and I can hand-on-heart say it’s rare to find a ‘coach or trainer’ with as much steel as Greg. He truly is stoic in persona – so he practices what he preaches. He also doesn’t take any shortcuts. Many, many times – in the worst of conditions, or at night, or freezing cold – Greg would be out there with me. And leading the way. He’s also a great human. He cares and he actually gives a shit. That’s rare these days, no doubt. With a solid year of quality, consistent riding and conscious planning under my belt – I look forward to returning to racing and under the guidance and tutelage of Greg at Stoic Focus Coaching.”

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