If you are interested in coaching, or even just asking questions, feel free to contact us either through the comments section, twitter (@stoic_focus) or via email

Training will be undertaken in either a traditional athlete and coach relationship or as pre-designed training templates designed for specific events that you can download and use. All of this can be varied depending on the needs and wallet of the client.

Stoic Focus is the belief that every action, be it positive or negative, has purpose in fulfilling a goal. Failure and negative events are also a means to progress. Changing your training vision to use them as such is a skill we hope to teach.

Current clients cover a broad range of athletes including:

  • Ultra-endurance mountain bike racers.
  • Cross country mountain bike racers.
  • Ironman and short course tri-athletes.
  • Cyclocross racers.
  • International road cyclists.
  • Fitness enthusiasts.

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