Sean Downey

Sean has been with Stoic Focus for the 2012 cyclocross season. From a road and MTB background he has delivered focused attention during the season with trying to hit his goals. More to come from this young one.

Racing History:

A youth of football and rugby mixed with a smattering of cycling in the later years saw him switch to focussing solely on cycling during his university years. Racing MTB with MAD in the 2006 season, he  jumped straight in at Expert level and worked his way slowly forward from there.
Dabbling in cyclocross it stayed on the back burner until 2011 when he put together a good run at the pointy end of the races in the Cycleways colours.


Usually game for most types of races, he has done a bit on the road, mountain running, adventure racing and has had some success in marathon and endurance-length MTB races, twice 2nd place with his partner in the Bontrager Twentyfour12 12hour in Plymouth.

Racing Highlights

The 2010 season was his best ever on the MTB, which culminated in winning the Experts race at the National Champs, beating 2 guys who he’d been having an season-long battle with. The two podiums at Bontrager with Agata have been pretty special for season, for various reasons and really were an exercise in how far one can push one’s body in very adverse circumstances.
On the CX bike, some battles in the Dublin SuperCross Cup series stand out, and being at the pointy end of in his first Rapha SuperCross race in Broughton Hall.

2013 Goals

The season focused on the Irish National CX Champs in mid-January, after which the UK XC series. After a few average seasons I’ll be looking to take things up a notch in XC races and get some good hard marathons in my legs, before the primary aim, the CX season, comes around in September. Also, managing all this in conjunction with a full-time job, finishing a thesis and planning a wedding.


Sean is also trying to make some time for some fun events, riding his bike in interesting places with interesting, like-minded people, because that’s what it’s all about for him.


“As an amateur athlete with a full-time job, Greg/Stoic Focus’ coaching has been instrumental in using my training time to good effect. Greg’s scientific approach is backed by an attention to detail and in-depth experience of working with athletes which helps him to cover all bases when preparing for the season’s goals. As an athlete himself, Greg understands that mental and emotional preparation are as important as the physical training and so his plans help to promote self-confidence and positive thinking as a pathway to success. Having Greg as a coach has allowed me to optimise my training with focused, targeted workouts and make the most of limited training time, while ensuring the other areas of my life maintain the attention they require, improving recovery and reducing stress, allowing me to arrive at race day ready to perform.”

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