Alan Dorrington

Alan has been with Stoic Focus for nearly 2 seasons.

A man of much knowledge and talent he embodies much of what we think about.

Racing History :

 After a teenage internship of school cross country with moderate success and regional orienteering with greater success, I bought my first ‘proper’ bike, a first generation MTB as a way to get to the venues for my new love, rock climbing. However, the off road riding experience seemed to become more all-consuming even than the vertical activities and so my passion for riding was born.   After a short while riding mountain bikes in the fledgling UK racing scene (late 80s), I stumbled across cyclocross, in a boggy field on the side of a windswept hill in NW England. The combination of off-road riding and running was instantly appealing and given my full-time student status and therefore lack of time constraints, I threw myself into it.

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After a few successful years on the ‘cross racing scene whilst based in Manchester, climbing crept back in and cycling was abandoned in favour of a move to Sheffield to take advantage of the grit and limestone edges nearby. After meeting my wife-to-be, it was a full 13 years before I rode a bike in anger, starting ‘cross again in 2005. Since then, it has been a somewhat slower journey to regain any former speed and success on a ‘cross bike. However, the passion for ‘cross remains and currently I’m riding as a team rider and brand ambassador for Planet X bikes. I also run the site.

Racing highlights:

After an apprentice season of ‘cross I started picking up regular NW Cyclocross League wins in 1991/2, finishing a close 2nd overall in the League that year. The basis for that successful season was laid at my first ever 3 Peaks Cyclocross (1991) where I finished 14th (1st novice) - naivety as to the tough reputation of the race being a major factor. Building on that I finished 10th in 1992, finding the combination of tough riding and running perfect for my lanky frame. I also placed 25th that year in the UK ‘Cross Nationals. Then ‘retirement’ till 2005 since when results have been harder to come by…….

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2013 targets:

The 3 Peaks Cyclocross is always a target – a sub 4 hour ride is a starting point but in particular finishing in the top 20 Veterans has been a long term aim. That will take a 3hr 45 min ride to accomplish…   With regular ‘cross, top 30 finishes in the Veterans National Trophy Series events are the season’s goals for the 2013/14 season.   I’m looking forward to working with Greg this year, making the most of my time-limited schedule with the focussed, specific training he can offer in order to regain some of the past form I had.

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