Thursday Thoughts

Look Around
A very busy week drops on your lap. You take on too much work -it swamps your brain, your life, it causes the smallest of things (like getting lunch) to become a massive stress. You can’t walk away no matter how much you want it.
You don’t eat and your training suffers. Your mood suffers. Your relationships suffer. Everything suffers. The only thing that doesn’t suffer is the feeling like you’re failing to keep on top of it all – that keeps getting better and better. In a manner of speaking.
Taking the time to push away. Look at things objectively and think “are these important” that is what we need to do in these situations – too look on with a callous mind and work on what is important first – everything else can slide away. Knowing how to do this is difficult, impossible for some.
I use myself as an example, I’m no better at dealing with it than anyone. Looking at myself and helping others learn from you is what coaching is about. Making the mistakes, trying the sessions that looked good on paper but didn’t hit the target. Sometimes we have to try to hard, to put too much on, to fall over from it in order to get back up again. Sometimes I take on too many people, ideas, promises and it breaks me. But I work at it, and force myself to deal with it logically. To break each stress into a “session” and address it. The pre- packed clothes for the after work session. The food in baggies to grab for breakfast when I land at my desk after a ride. The diary slots on my phone to tell me when to do things for others.
To build a resilient mind you also have to stress the mind, the same as a resilient body. That can be through stress itself, but it is not something that can last for extended periods of time without something going wrong. The trick is to realise it, to take that stress and put it down into the wheels and pedal it out. Push hard, use it, abuse it so you can get rid of it.
What I’m getting at is this – stress can be productive, just learn to manage it, use it to your benefit.