First of the Summer Wise

 The next few months are key to a successful season. Get the basics sorted first.

1) Check your race bike over –  if you’ve been training on your winter XC bike, don’t expect your summer XC/CX bike to be in perfect order.Take it down, run through the gears and brakes, check it all works. If you’re not competent enough fixing it – take it to your local bike shop and get it sorted.

2) Check your shoes – the winter is terrible on kit and cleats. Check your old winter cleats are in working order and if in doubt, swap them out. Its only a few quid and it will save you a world of pain if you pull out of your pedals in a race.

3) New bottles – your ten year old fateful water bottle may not be your best friend. dragged through a winter of mud and slurry it probably is covered in some nasty things. Get some baby bottle disinfectant and get it clean. This goes for all bottles, there is no point in getting a GI infection at this time of year.

As ever the months of March and April are about base. Focus on what you need to be doing – riding your bike, getting stronger off the bike. Take it all, get prepared now and the next few months will be a lot easier on you.