Back on Track

Six years away from track riding and I thought I’d lost the bug. But spending a week back and forth from the track in Manchester with an athlete racing the worlds has taught me one thing. I still like to turn left, I love watching it, the noise, the smell, the atmosphere. The bug is back…seeing her get 3 medals may have helped ;) One or two things stayed with me. The most basic of which was posted outside the USA pit area:

IMAG1536The second, it is ok to suck. Sometimes we do. We are the meaning of suck, at life, at reality, at everything we do. But others can help us not suck. Those people support us, drag us kicking and screaming from a pit of suck onto the beaches of success.

I have only resurfaced from sleep after 4 hour nights all week. Staying up to cook food, to wake up to prepare bottles and coffee, to convince and persuade an elite athlete that they are elite…it takes a lot from me. But damn, it feels good when they perform. Results for a coach are proof that the pudding not only tastes good, but stays down.

Time to cook some more.

Time to suck less.

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