End of Season Reviews

Some of our athletes are finished for the year. Taking a break, looking back, knowing that you did what you could. All of these are important skills that each athlete needs to learn.

Congratulations to Tim at the London Triathlon at the weekend – goal achieved despite a season of training skewed by external pressures.

Similarly well done to Sean, performing at Bontranger 24/12 despite a massive reduction in training time and increase in life stress. One place off the podium in a harder field than last year. Some gains are not measurable by position.

Autumn is about to fall. The weather has broken and many athletes are just awaking. Keeping motivated in the lead into fall races is always hard, hours are less, weather more unpredictable, life catches up after the summer break.

Focus. Simplicity. Targets.

All of these things will allow them to continue.

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