Monthly Archives: March 2013

Racing Update

Belated race results for Claire Breslin who took 3rd at the Galway Biking Blitz and managed a 2nd overall in the series. Her first year training properly and its starting to show results.

Sean Downey also pulled off an excellent podium position getting 3rd in the elite/experts field at the Black Park XC promoted by WDMBC. It’s all starting well early for Sean who’s eyes are firmly set on the coming CX season.

Keep training hard, thinking smart, and the results will come.

Back to Normal

The death of a family member leaves time to think and a space to be filled.

Filling it with work is useful, filling it with training is better.

We’re back to business now, sorry for any delay in replies over the past few weeks.

Our mentor may have passed, but the legacy lives on.