Monthly Archives: February 2013

Weekend Review

The spring racing season has started.

A win for Claire Breslin at the Biking Blitz in Limerick.

Placings in the top 25, 50 and 100 at Hit the North for 5 riders.

Racing is good to remind the body for what is coming.

Summer and the speed season.

Winter and the cyclocross season.

Hit the North is coming.

Like the inevitable encroaching winter Hit the North is upon us.

This year 5 Stoic athletes are racing. Others are watching. The coaches are partaking.

Good luck to everyone. Hopefully it will snow again.

On the other side of the water the second round of the Biking Blitz is kicking off.

After a mechanical caused her to drop out of third place in the last round Stoic Athlete Claire Breslin will hopefully replace her unlucky ride with a well placed podium spot.

Time will tell.