Monthly Archives: December 2012

Starting Anew

New year. New resolutions. New aims. New objectives.

The end of the year and the start of a new one signifies some sort of mystical chance to start anew for many people. Why we assume that something will change on the first of January is uncertain. How it differs from today unclear. Why it can not start today unknown.

The first six weeks of January will see people take hold of new goals. Talk about them, think about them, ultimately fail to fulfil them. For many, six weeks is the difference between creating a habit, or giving up on something.

Failing to do something is not a bad thing.

Failing is a chance for evaluation.

Failing is a chance to learn

  • Why did I not achieve what I set out to do?
  • How can I achieve what I want?
  • What DO I want?

Only by asking these questions, writing down the answers, addressing the issues can we hope to progress. Everything we do has purpose. We must learn from that purpose.

Asking these questions before we undertake a new training regime, seeking help from those more experienced than us, opening ourselves to outside examination. These things will help us learn, progress and eventually achieve.